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Zombie Attack! Master of the Dead

Zane’s life has been a living hell since Franco and the Blackshirts uprising was put down. He’d been sentenced to death by hanging, but General Moto Macnamara sent him to a work camp instead, chained to Desdemona, the traitorous widow who betrayed them all!

After helping her escape, the two flee to the Fringe lands, between the new society that has sprung up and the infamous badlands. Overrun by bikers, gang members, gamblers, thieves, and killers, Zane is forced to serve as Desdemona’s assistant, that is until a mysterious man in all black shows up at the zombie fighting pits and follows him home.

Who is this mysterious stranger and why has he come to the Fringes? Is he a bounty hunter come to collect the reward on their heads? Or something much worse?

The answer leaves Zane stunned speechless, along with the offer to strike back at the people who brought about his ruin… Xander and Moto Macnamara!

Return to the world of Zombie Attack with this standalone novella!

Available on Amazon & FREE on Kindle Unlimited! 




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