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Merril Anil Raves About Zombie Attack in New Review!

"What i love about this entire series is the fact that the plot never sees a dull moment as when you least expect, the author bombards you with events and turns that make your eyes go wide. This keeps the thrill factor alive for the book and makes it a joyous ride.

I love how the author plays trick on you keeping you engrossed in the entire series.

Technically the book is filled with everything that is to a boy’s childhood fantasy. Wild wild west,movie star wife, cowboys, action, muscles, bikers, zombies, cults and a whole lot many. The best part is that in spite of all these elements sounding mismatched, in the book you will see how these things are beautifully weaved into the story. For example, if somebody tells you that a page will have zombies, guns,bikers, native Indians and cowboys together, then you will probably call it crazy or that it is a recipe for disaster. But let me tell you that it is possible and in fact can be so good that you will pull your hairs thinking how the author worked this all out…i am still wondering

Army of the dead is everything as promised as by the first book and the series returns with an even brilliant plot that has a whole new bunch of characters along with all the characters from the previous book returning to tell a new exciting story that is full of thrills and turns and amazing as ever. It definitely rides high on adrenaline and with no dull moments to it. Its every childhood fantasy of yours coming alive and giving you an absolute fantastic reading experience." - Merril Anil

Read the full review here -


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