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Zombiepalooza Radio

I'll be live on Zombiepalooza: Dead Again Tonight at 7 pm PST! Tune in to hear about my new release Zombie Attack Army of the Dead & More!

From Jackie Chin @ Zombiepalooza Radio:

We have a full line up tomorrow. Deaddoor will be on sabatical for the next 3 weeks since his handler James Barker will be on acting assignment. We wish them well. I am fortunate to have on staff the head of our green team Skot Pierson who will be sitting in the Co-Host captain chair & joining us when he gets a break from family festivities will be Rick Danford. Guest in order of appearance 5-30-14 1. Stevie Kopas 2. Wesley Thomas 3. Devan Sagliani 4. Derrick Lacombe 5. Kevin Eads

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