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An excellent composition of prose, action, dialogue and foreshadowing is Rise of The Horde that is indicative of a well-seasoned story teller. Devan Sagliani's endeavor is tremendous in luring readers into anticipating more and more.

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Devan Sagliani breathes new life into a tired over indulgent genre. Many avid readers will

have difficulty putting it down.



This was such a super fun and highly entertaining story, I could not put it down! I highly

recommend this book to anyone who enjoys badass characters and bold story lines, you won't be




Sagliani manages to pull out another winner!

Shana Festa, The Bookie Monster


What really brings this entertaining story together is Sagliani's writing style. He turns violence into


Bricks of the Dead


The story moves very fast...readers won't find any time to be bored. Fans of Jonathan Maberry's "Rot

and Ruin" series will like this one as well. I'm eagerly waiting for the rest of this series!

Living Dead Media


Whoa! This book is a super exciting fast paced trip! I enjoyed it greatly. 

Contagious Reads


Everything the blurb promises it to be, and much, much more! I would highly recommend to

readers looking for an enormously thrilling story with a degree of depth to it.



I highly recommend Rise of the Horde to all fans of zombie fiction, especially those who plan to survive the zombie apocalypse!

Toni, My Book Addiction


Full five out of five stars...This book is basically everything you could ask for in a YA zombie-apocalyptic! 

Starry-eyed Heart Book Blog




I challenge readers to dive into his work and not fall in love. Riddled with powerful story lines and intense characters, Undead L.A. 1 delivers its readers with a riveting roller coaster read. 

Shana Festa, Bookie Monster


It's exciting and encouraging to see any creative artist come into their own; grow, mature and flourish into a virtual prodigy to be reckoned with...Sagliani hits the nail on the head time and again making the action translatable unto a vast readership audience...even Clive Barker would be proud. 

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A novel that has many virtues and not a single flaw within its pages. I cannot begin to commend the author on the merits of the read. It's an impressive piece of zombie themed prose. 

Living Dead Media


There is literally something for everyone in this book. I highly recommend it for zombie and horror fans. 

Contagious Reads


The book is very well written and the highly effective and well-executed. The characters are developed masterfully. I recommend you go out and download this book NOW!

Anything Horror


The Rising Dead is a highly imaginative, most entertaining, & exciting read. I would most definitely invite further endeavors from this talented, young author.

Horror News


Devan Sagliani delivers a powerful punch in his second novel. I'd recommend it to any fans of the zombie genre or avid readers interesting in trying a new author they'd never discovered

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